Enroll until September 14, 2015.


The event “This is Concreta” is a “Construction, Rehabilitation, Architecture and Design Fair and many others” promoted by EXPONOR, which will count with the presence of the North Regional Section of the Architect’s Society (OASRN), through the participation of the architects in the Fair, stimulating the disclosure of the services rendered by its members and the launching of the 2nd edition of the Award “WORK IN PROGRESS”.

The Award “WORK IN PROGRESS” intends to create an attractive dynamic between architects and construction material companies, becoming a challenge for both parts, given the conception of a 2x2m module and the respective construction of winning projects, promoting the architect’s creative capacity and, at the same time, the disclosure of the company’s construction materials themselves, creating this opportunity to launch innovative offers in this market.

The architect will devise an expository module for one or several participant companies, within the limit of three, and these will be executed on the material(s) commercialized by the company. The solutions will show the potential that that material provides to the manufacturers and the owners of the work.

The winning proposals will be constructed/executed in the Fair “This is Concreta”.

The present Award is organized by OASRN in partnership with Exponor – Porto International Fair, in the scope of the fair “This is Concreta”, counting on the support of the following Construction Material Companies/ Manufacturers: Electrumtrofa;  Madeivouga; Revigrés; Valadares.

Regulation and enrollments at: http://bit.ly/1MznKU4