There are many different ways to decorate a house. From the Scandinavian style, to the industrial, to the eclectic, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Although each decorative style has very specific features, it is always possible to mix them to achieve an even more customized decoration. Inspire yourself in our selection:



Featuring clean lines and raw materials, the industrial style is rich in black, gray and white tones. The genesis of this decoration comes from wide spaces such as warehouses, factories and garages, so the concept “open space” is one of its pillars. It is advisable to have strategic lightning points to avoid ending up with a one-dimensional area.

French Country Style

french style

Inspired by French villages’ architecture and decor, this style is defined by pastel shades, by the mixture of patterns and elegance of the rustic finishes, such as tiles. Mixing country with modern features allows to create comfortable environments, promoting rest and relaxation.


Simple, contemporary and functional, this style of decoration is characterized by the combination of organic and artificial materials. Gray and white tones, in very clean and minimalistic design are the key features. Coziness or “Hygge” is the main concept of this style, a popular scandinavian concept of enjoying the simple pleasures in life – being warm, happy and cosy.



A blue-and-white color palette stands out in this style that reflects coastal style home designs.This decorative influence selects elements such as ropes, anchors, nautical maps and nets, even in a more stylized way. Natural light is a key point to this style, as well as the white textiles and furnishings, which maximize light.




This is a relaxed, somewhat carefree style that combines various colors, patterns and textures. Ethnic and tribal patterns are privileged. Plants are also a key factor since they provide a fresher and more dynamic look to spaces. What differentiates this style from the simple Boho is the presence of classic elements such as lamps and frames.


This is the style that allows more freedom because it has no definite tendencies. There are some guidelines, but the purpose of this style is to mix interesting elements that all work together in a room, to create a very personalized and original decoration. Choose a clean background, highlight a particular part or choose to merge only two or three styles. Have fun combining colors, patterns and materials, but it’s really important you don’t clutter otherwise you will make the space feel cramped, crowded and a true mess.

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