New year, new house. At least as far as decoration is concerned.
Enjoy the renewal environment of the new year to give your home a new look. This is a process that always involves some inspiration, so we have gathered some of the world’s experts in interior design to find some ideas and adapt them to your project. From the ambassadors of luxury to those seeking a space as comfortable as possible, here are five designers you can include on your list of professional references:

Rita Konig

Interior designer Rita Konig is known for her welcoming interiors. Konig demystifies the issue of interior decoration and explores the sensitivity of spaces. For this designer, if the room does not meet the first criteria of comfort, it really won’t matter how beautiful it looks. Rita Konig is a chronicler in House & Garden, where she gives advice and tips on decoration.

Peter Dunham

With French, British and American influences, Dunham became known for the eclectic interiors. Through a blend of classic and contemporary styles, he finds the right balance and space personalization for each customer.

Thad Hayes

An obvious minimalist, Thad Hayes uses each piece as an essential in a given space. Adding or removing a piece to the final decoration would take the balance away. The designer specializes in sensitively conceived projects, which allow the compartments to breathe.

Alberto Pinto

Working with a team of more than 80 employees, Alberto Pinto, design has become synonymous with eclecticism and a distinctly opulent style. The projects run by its atelier include, in addition to residences, airports and private jets, and can be seen in various parts of the globe.


The worldwide recognized interior designer, Kelly Koppen perfectly blends the decoration project with customer’s lifestyle, achieving a perfect fusion of function and luxury. Her portfolio includes restaurants, offices, airplanes and private yachts.

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